Director: Tommy Köhlbrugge
Director: Lars Cleven
Producer: Arjen Heus
Executive producer:
Production company: STUDIO LAFO
D.O.P.: Lars Cleven
2nd camera: Sjoerd Boonstra
3rd camera: Floris  Harteveld
Lightning: Sjoerd Boonstra
Edit: Lars Cleven
Sound design: Byron Abadia
Colorgrading: Jelle Bokelmann & Nicolai Swartz


For we were asked to create a three-part documentary series about urban cultures. Plygrnd uses these films in their city participation projects to inspire kids to look different at their own urban envoirement.

We’ve created 3 films, first we followed freerunning talent Siebe Spijker. Then we showed how hip-hop artist Brazz is on his way to clarify his vision on the future. And finally we followed the world famous Breakdance crew The Ruggeds.

All together these films show how you can create a future for yourself just by following your ambitions and by trusting the people closest to you.